What We Do

Why Choose Stonewall?

Stonewall Defense is a defense contracting firm based in upstate New York and founded by prior military service members who saw the need to provide our warfighters with practical solutions to meet their needs.  Similar gaps exist with various branches of state and local public safety and private sector groups.

In response to the needs of these state and local agencies as well as private sector clients, Stonewall Defense offers a suite of solutions to provide straight forward, cost effective products and services to these organizations. Individualized custom pricing packages ensure that the user purchases the best solution for their individual needs.   

Our Mission

Stonewall Defense provides superior information technology and software solutions to maximize situational awareness and command and control for military, law enforcement, and public safety agencies. These solutions are designed with the end-user in the forefront of our minds and a value-driven bottom line.


Senior Leadership

Our executive team shares a common history of military background combined with specializations in technology, military training and operations, and legal strategies and problem solving.