Android Team Awareness Kit

What is ATAK?

ATAK is an Android application that provides real-time situational awareness for military, law enforcement, and other governmental agencies. Initially developed by the Department of Defense (DoD) for the Special Operations community, the application has grown to supplement a wide array of mission sets. ATAK is an incredibly powerful mapping and friendly force tracker that allows teams to share and access situational awareness and collaborate in real time, greatly increasing command and control within and across organizations.

The user community shares updates to the system. If the DoD (or any agency) adds capabilities to ATAK, all users receive these new capabilities.


How ATAK solves common mission problems


ATAK specifically addresses situational problems that may arise when law enforcement agencies are working on a specific mission.


#1- Do all teams have access to the mission’s plans?

ATAK allows for digital planning of missions. Simply this means that plans are electronically disseminated to all parties and quickly and continually pushing these plans out to team members via their ATAK devices.


#2- Is each team able to command and control aspects of the mission across organizations?

ATAK allows users to rely on more than voice comms. Leaders can quickly determine where their team members are by viewing their locations on ATAK devices. They can also easily instruct team members where they need to be by instantly dropping points on their ATAK device and sending them out to the team.


If more than one organization is involved in an effort, ATAK allows those organizations to access the mission on a centralized system for greater increased planning, situational awareness, collaboration, command and control. This affords all teams real time access to the entire mission.


#3- Can each team have access to the maps for the mission?

Yes, ATAK provides the most up-to-date unclassified maps available. The system provides numerous maps from your standard google/Bing earth maps, to Topo and FAA maps.


The Value of ATAK


ATAK’s value lies with its ability to keep control, and communication open and available throughout the length of a mission.  No mission is too big or too small when it comes to the safety of the team. Leaders and team members will know where everyone is and can quickly and effectively communicate any situational changes as they arise, including quick adjustments to plans as the mission dictates. 


Critical feature is the ability to disseminate those plans quickly and effectively. ATAK is a $10 million DoD development product that is continually updated to current with technology as it changes and grows.