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Android Team Logistics Awareness Switch

Tracking cargo worldwide

ATLAS is a small, high powered tracker integrated with the Air Force's ATAK Server to provide near real-time location of assets. ATLAS harnesses the power of Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) by integrating with ATAK server to display location on high-powered ATAK maps.

The problem ATLAS solves

  • The Air Force ships out thousands of items of cargo daily with outdated tracking methods. Some issues with the current tracking methods include:

    • Susceptible to human error

    • Lack of network limits ability to update and integrate with other systems

    • Significant monetary loss

    • Limited opportunity for corrective action

  • ATLAS allows commanders to know where and when their cargo will arrive.

Other Pros

  • ATLAS places cargo on a multinetwork system allowing users to track shipments worldwide from any location

  • ATLAS’s streamlined tracking process has the power to connect thousands of disparate assets through a common DoD backbone, offering a faster, more accurate, and cost effective solution to managing Air Force cargo shipment.

  • Instead of waiting for cargo to arrive, commanders can look on their computer, phone, or tablet and see exactly where their cargo is located at any time